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Aikiho is the principle of harmony.  When a person attacks you, they generate force with which to strike or grapple you.  If you allow the energy to affect you, you are either injury or controlled.  Thus the goal of Aikiho is the ability to move in harmony with that energy in order to take control of it and thus turn it against the assailant.  Aiki has been defined as Ju refined to a higher level.


Yet when an attacker attacks with less force, thus less momentum, Aiki is not always effective and thus Ju is always a necessary principle of combat.  However whenever there is sufficient momentum, then Aiki is the perfect principle with which to deal with an assailant.


Aikiho was developed by the upper level warriors known as Bushi.  These warriors fought in heavy suits of armor which made strikes and throws that required lifting a person’s mass ineffective.  The Bushi began to study the weaknesses of their armor and realized that the main techniques for fighting in armor were to attack the wrist, elbow, and shoulder.  Bushi armor in order to allow full use of the arm in using a bow and sword needed to maintain flexibility of those joints, rendering those areas capable of being attacked.


There were also certain armor clashing techniques used as well.  In these techniques the warrior would throw their armor against the armor of their opponent breaking their balance, hurling them to the ground.


In Kiyojute Ryu Kempo Bugei this art is called Aikiho Kempo Jujutsu and the term Aikijujutsu is used in short.  These techniques give superior ability in joint manipulation and certain forms of throwing an attacker.  Mastering the principle of harmony allows a person to move with superior rhythm and timing, allowing a Kempoka to evade strikes and deliver more effective techniques.

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