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A well known principle today, but one kept secret for many years in the martial arts is Nimpo, which is the patience principle.  This principle was one that monks developed in the practice of their religion, especially in regard to their meditation.  The monks practiced their martial arts, Ji Kempo that is temple Kempo, as a form of moving meditation and so the patience they practiced as part of their religion also helped them develop a higher level of skill in their martial arts.


As the Sohei, warrior monks, shared their training with Samurai, the principle changed in emphasis.  Where the monks emphasized patience, the Samurai began to emphasize stealth.  Thus from Nimpo developed the spy art known as Ninjutsu.


Today many people do not understand what Ninjutsu really is because so many teach a form of Jujutsu and call it Ninjutsu.  Real Ninjutsu is a study of fighting strategy, commonly called Heiho, which also includes training in Shinobijutsu, stealth art.  The real art of stealth is how to operate in the shadows, perform espionage, execute commando raids, and otherwise develop patience in the arts of war and in secret during the times of peace.


In Kiyojute Ryu Kempo Bugei we practice the patience and stealth principle in the art called Nimpo Kempo Kobujutsu.  The art is referred to as one of the Kobujutsu, for it is taught in the most ancient manner, like it was in the past.  However for those who engage in the art see that it is very valid today.  It can easily be used by police officers (especially those who work undercover), military personnel, and has application to certain self defense situations.

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