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Learning self defense is not learning to fight.  Real self defense is first of all avoidance.  Avoidance begins with awareness and then moving to neutralize the threat.  If you can escape from the situation, do so, but if you can’t, then you neutralize the assailant with the most expedient technique of Kempo. 


This is why in Kempo we learn all techniques; blocks, strikes, kicks, throws, joint locks, chokes, and more.  In this way we can deal with any and all situations.  There is a self defense division of Kiyojute Ryu Kempo Bugei, so that clinics can be held for the uninitiated to learn the fundamentals of self protection.  It is hoped that people will understand the need for consistent training and enter the martial arts, but hopefully we give them the skills necessary for basic self defense. 


To be certified as a Kiyojute Ryu Goshinho Kempo Goshinjutsu instructor takes a minimum of four years of training and earning the title of Renshi.  Further progress takes ongoing training and promotions in Kempo Bugei.

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