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The Aiki Flow that Prevents Injury

Kempo students should train to the highest level and achieve the gentle skills of restraint, while always being grounded in reality and learning the lethal techniques should they ever prove necessary.

Jesus and


‘Again they picked up stones to stone him…and they tried to seize him, but he escaped out of their hands.’

Christian Insights from Kito Ryu Densho Shimbu no Hiketsu
(Sacred Martial Mysteries)

Only by achieving the union of mind and spirit does an individual become truly free and know their true self.

The In-depth Meaning of Kiyojutey Ryu

Let those who read these words go in peace and seek to live the life of Kiyojute that they might be; spiritually positive, gentle people.

The Flexible Skill

If a person cannot adapt to changing circumstances, they will never be able to actually defend themselves.

Unified Kempo

I teach the principles of Kempo so that a person can truly develop into a master of the Sogo Bujutsu.

Kempo: The Ancient, Ultimate Weapon

Be like the masters of old and practice hard, seeking the secrets of Kempo.

Lifetime Achievement

Thanks to Richard Stone and Rod Sacharnoski, I was able to accomplish one of the most important achievements in my life.

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